Installation Notes

1. Requirements

Spot The Difference is fully developed in python; so you need to have python (at least 2.3.x). If you don't already have it, you can download it here. Using dbm database files to store files information doesn't require the installation of any additional python module. If you wish to use another database (MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite are supported), you might need to install database-specific modules.

Python database modules used by Spot The Difference are:

2. Installation on Unix/Linux Systems

To install 'Spot The Difference' on a Unix/Linux system follow these few steps:

  • unpack the tarball:
      # tar -zxvf stdiff-0.2.1.tar.gz
  • move to the newly created directory:
      # cd ./stdiff-0.2.1
  • run the install script by typing:
      # python setup.py install

This will copy all modules in the third-party modules directory and the scripts in the local executables directory (usually /usr/local/bin on UN*X systems). A sample configuration file will be copied to /etc.

3. Installation on windows Systems

To install Spot The Difference on a Windows system, just run the graphical installer (stdiff-0.2.1.win32.exe); you will be asked a couple of questions:

  • Python Directory (mine is C:\Python23)
  • Installation Directory (default is <python_directory>\Lib\site-packages\)

After a couple of 'next', the installer will copy the scripts in the python scripts directory (<python_dir>\Scripts\) and the modules in the third-party modules directory (<python_dir>\Lib\site-packages\). A sample configuration file (stdiff.conf.sample) will be copied to <python_dir>\etc\.

4. Spotting the Difference

Before running the file integrity checker, you have to create the configuration file, which defines the run-time behaviour of Spot The Difference. It includes information about connecting to the database, files to check and which checks to perform on those files. A sample configuration file is provided and the documentation covers its syntax in full detail.

If you wish to use a database server (MySQL or PostgreSQL), a script (stdiff_install_db) is provided to drive you through the creation of the database and/or tables. You will be prompted to answer a few questions and eventually the database will magically appear. For more information about the database structure and its customization, check out the documentation.

Evenutally, you can update the database and check your filesystem by typing:
  # stdiff [options]

Please refer to the documentation for the full syntax.

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