If programming should be a right, writing good code should be a duty. That's where some programming notes may come in handy!

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Web programming
Though browsers can display almost anything, using standards will make your web pages much more flexible and easy to maintain.
XHTML 1.0 crib sheet
A complete and simple reference for XHTML 1.0 syntax, to save time and effort to developers and to help migrating to this new web standard.
System programming with Python
Python is an extremely powerful and flexible scripting language that allows you to rapidly develop all sorts of applications and tools. In the following documents, we will cover Python as a lightweight substitute for system programming.
py-pf - Managing OpenBSD's Packet Filter with Python
A tutorial on using py-pf, a pure-Python module that allows you to manage OpenBSD's Packet Filter from Python scripts.
Some small Python modules
Documentation for some small Python modules I've been (re)using for years in my day-to-day development projects.
offtheshelf - A simple embedded NoSQL database
A Python module providing a very simple and minimalist embedded NoSQL database; it uses the shelve module as backend for persistent storage and relies on file-locking as a simple mutual exclusion mechanism.
step - Simple Template Engine for Python
A Python module providing a very simple template engine with minimum syntax; t supports variable expansion, flow control and embedding of Python code.

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